Leading Enterprise CIOs to Leveled-Up Skills, Influential Connections, and Their Company's Next Big Growth Phase

Gain the wisdom of your CIO peers, solutions tailored just for you, fast-tracked and relevant knowledge, accountability so you achieve results at every meeting, and connection to influencers and talent.

Get excited about the new ideas you'll get and the connections you'll make!


Fast-Track Growth: Both Your Company's and Your Own

The CIO Inner Circle (CIOIC) is the only Peer Discussion and Problem Solving Group for Enterprise Level CIOs that works in small groups of the same 4 to 10 members at every meeting, builds trust, and delivers individualized attention.

Solutions at the CIOIC Peer Groups ALWAYS apply perfectly to your challenge because the groups and answers are tailored to the specific challenges of members.  There is no travel and CIOIC Peer Groups are effortless and energizing to attend.

It can be lonely as a CIO and it can be tough to find the right answers. When you meet with a small group of the same peers each month, who share the same role as you, and you learn about the challenges they face that are similar to your own, and you start sharing ideas, you get a sense of what works. Your bond with your tribe gets stronger at every meeting. How much money and time can you and your company save by hearing answers from a group of CIOs you trust?

At CIOIC meetings, you will gain:

  • Connection to Influencers and Talent
  • The wisdom of your talented CIO peers to help solve your career challenges
  • Leveled-up skills that help you grow your company
  • Access to people with answers when you need them
  • Solutions tailored just for you
  • Relevant, fast-tracked knowledge
  • Accountability, so you achieve results at each meeting
  • Time-saving shortcuts
  • Avoiding costly mistakes
  • The Know-how to justify new IT expenditures with the CEO, the CFO, and the Board
  • Understanding the drivers of the other departments and people so they actually want to partner with IT
  • Staying current on top of the latest technology and trends that will protect you and your company from threats, and instead find opportunities.
  • Gaining a professional network of lifelong friends, who understand your wins, and what you did to achieve them.
  • And becoming a more empowered and informed CIO, who has the breadth and depth of connections and resources to stay current on rapidly changing technologies, lead high performance teams, and be an industry leader. 

CIOIC guarantees no irrelevant speakers, no useless information, no sales pitches, no travel, no wasted time, and no nervous networking.

Do you feel like your CEO has a lot of peer groups and resources just for him or her, but there's no peer group for CIOs? The CIOIC is a peer group for CIOs, so they have answers, friends, advisors, and strategies when they need them.

Who Is This For?

CIOIC Peer Groups are for Chief Information Officers of Enterprise level companies who are ambitious, friendly, and helpful.

CIOIC Members want to level up their capabilities for different reasons:

  • They need answers to hard questions.
  • They feel alone with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. It would be nice to have a trusted peer or advisor to talk to.
  • They are bored or under-utilized.
  • They are over-stressed or over-worked.
  • They want more money.
  • They want more experience.
  • They want more challenges.
  • They want a better culture fit.
  • They want better staff.
  • They want a larger project..

The CIOIC directly addresses each of these.


The CIO Inner Circle was created to help Enterprise-level CIOs fast-track their company's growth and become more skilled by overcoming their current career challenges. 

Being around other CIOs and seeing how they work with their CEO and Board, sharing success stories and solutions to challenges, all of this creates a valuable bond and helps CIOs learn from each other.

Peer Discussion Groups are the fastest way to learn with the best retention rate. 

CIOIC Peer Groups are the opposite of the many tech networking groups and classes that feature a speaker of the month, give information that doesn’t apply to your challenge, deliver unwanted sales pitches, provide superficial networking, with no follow up after the meeting, and waste your time. 

At CIOIC Peer Groups, members become your friends, you develop connections with influencers, and you build up your skills so your company and your own abilities can advance forward.

How Does It Work?

Each CIOIC peer group meets virtually on a video call each month.

The groups are comprised of the same 4 to 10 Enterprise-level CIO members at each meeting, who share their career challenge they are currently working on.

This builds trust as you share your vulnerabilities and strategies from the trenches with each other.

Right away, you can deep dive into direct challenges you're facing, get ideas, and in turn, share ideas.

Members then share their direct experience with a similar challenge, the solutions that worked, and the “gotchas” to avoid.

Each meeting is run by a professional facilitator with Enterprise-Level CIO experience, so that meetings are run on time, each member is heard, their challenge is discussed, and they leave with an action plan to follow for the next meeting.

Peer group members get things done and achieve results at each meeting, because members hold each other accountable, so that every member is motivated to complete their action plan.

Members gain the added benefit of communication channels to talk to their peer members in between meetings, so that their progress continues throughout the month.

Don't feel so alone! Instead, make progress with a meeting of the minds, and gain ideas, tools and strategies from your tribe of CIOs!

What Results Can I Expect?

  • You’ll improve your skills because you’ll get answers tailored to you, from people in your shoes who worked on the same challenge and know what works.
  • You'll have peers who immediately "get" what you're going through, and then help you go back to your company and explain to them what needs to be done - and in away they understand.
  • You will make influential Enterprise connections, and grow your network.
  • CIOIC can help you lead significant company growth, with tested strategies and solutions you've learned from your peers, to make processes more efficient and generate more productivity.
  • Your challenges get solved. You'll hear many ideas and different perspectives on the same challenge from your group. You can weigh the many options, and see which ones will fit your company best.
  • You’ll gain the single fastest professional growth accelerator and solution generator.  It’s a career changing and life changing experience.  Not only do you gain solutions to your specific challenge, you also gain insights into working with a wide array of scenarios your peers are working on, and you can put together your own playbook of best practices.
  • You’ll achieve results at every meeting because members hold each other accountable. You complete your action items due at every meeting because you don’t want to let your peers down!  At the CIOIC, we get problems solved, and things done.
  • Peer Training + Accountability = Your Progress at Every Meeting
  • Leadership skills:  CIOIC gives you the leadership tools, to be the leader and wise veteran for ANY project.  It gives you confidence on any problem. 
  • You’ll improve yourself by teaching others.
  • The CIOIC puts you in the know, and at the front of any business or tech conversation.  If your only source of CIO connections & info are magazines, newsletters, conferences, and local lecture groups, it’s a huge setback because you don’t have time to learn and grow by 1 lecture per month at the Monthly Slow Motion Speaker Parade, or 4 conferences per year.
  • Faster, In-depth Learning:  The CIOIC and its peer discussion groups will teach you more things faster and deeper than any other method of learning and the topics ALWAYS apply to your situation perfectly.  The single fastest way for business leaders to learn and grow is a round table format, with no speakers or lectures. You’ll learn more from talking to 10 people in 1 meeting, than from 12 speakers in 1 year.
  • Your peers help you sort out the tech issue trapped in your head.  You’ll uncover the things you didn’t know you didn’t know.  You get fresh ideas and an extra edge.
  • You peer group becomes your own Personal Board of Directors (PBOD), who work in your best interest.  Their answers provide you with in-depth solutions that work.  There are no surface level solutions. 
  • Your CIOIC peer group becomes your own support network.  You’ll meet with the only people on Earth who understand what you just went through, where you can talk about what you figured out, or how you persevered.
  • You'll be understood by your tribe! Within the first few meetings, you make bonds with your peers and make connections.
  • You make friends with your peer group of Enterprise level CIOs.
  • No surface level solutions.
  • No wasted time.
  • Everyone in your peer group is a close friend.
  • The same people are in every meeting.
  • Your peer group has no more than 10 members.
  • Your skills come from hanging out with people who are actually doing it.
  • You’ll build close friendships with people who understand you from all over the world.
  • These people put you first!  They look out for YOU.
  • This group is so helpful, fun and energizing, you’ll only miss a meeting if you’re having a baby!
  • More time, more success, more connections, more interest, just for you, means a powerful growth tool for you and your company.

New Ideas + Peer Training + Accountability = Your Progress at Every Meeting. Apply Now.


“You can learn 10 major lessons in your lifetime, but in a room of 10 peers, you can learn 100 lessons.” – Former Global CIO

Message from Eric Adkins, Founder of the CIO Inner Circle

The CIO Inner Circle (CIOIC) steers its members to fast and healthy career growth, even exponential growth.  CIOs gain access to people with the right answers whenever they need it. 

The CIOIC is a carefully selected peer consulting and discussion group that enables its members to push themselves and develop their abilities.

Small peer discussion groups, with the same 4 to 10 members, are the fastest ways to learn and retain knowledge.  Not only do you work closely with other CIOs who have solved a challenge you’re currently working on, but you also learn from these 4 to 10 other CIOs as they tackle solutions to their own IT challenges.  Members gain insights into working with a wide array of scenarios and can put together their own playbook of best practices.

As a former acting CIO of a fast-growth, 750 employee, $125 million manufacturing company, I know what it’s like to fight daily fires and deal with challenging people and situations.

My experience with running an outsourced Cloud Hosting and IT consulting firm for 22 years, and being in one of the world’s most successful IT peer groups for 10 years, along with running CIO peer groups, gives me valuable insights into how technology peer group members can get the most value, clarity, solutions, and results. I designed the CIOIC to produce those exact deliverables to the Enterprise-Level CIO community.

To your career success,

Eric A. Adkins

With access to the right people, accountability, time-saving shortcuts, and avoiding costly mistakes, how fast can you drive your company?