Our Mission

To enable all CIOs to learn, overcome challenges, achieve success, celebrate wins, support each other during tough moments, and become stronger Enterprise leaders.

Our Vision

Create a powerful network where CIOs collaborate together to become wiser, more skilled leaders, with many more opportunities, and have fun together.  10 skilled minds are greater than one.

Our Values

Each member of the CIO Inner Circles commits to help and respect their fellow CIO and themselves.  The CIOIC code of values includes:

  • Commitment to Success
  • Self Development
  • Respect for Fellow Members
  • Contribution of Ideas
  • Being Open to New Ideas
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Positivity
  • Authenticity
  • Empathy
  • Friendliness

About Eric Adkins, Founder

As a former acting CIO of a fast-growth, 750 employee, $125 million manufacturing company, I know what it’s like to fight daily fires and deal with challenging people and situations.

My experience with running an outsourced Cloud Hosting and IT consulting firm for 22 years, and being in one of the world’s most successful IT peer groups for 10 years, gave me valuable insights into how IT peer group members can get the most value.

I know how to lead and manage peer group and panel discussions. My experience includes:

  • Running a CIO peer group for Enterprise level CIOs in Denver affiliated with EideBailly, a top 25 CPA and consulting firm
  • Co-founding and facilitating ConnectWise Denver quarterly groups for 100 IT Business Owners
  • And organizing and running 2 “Reverse Shark Tanks,” affiliated with the Jefferson County Workforce Center, for local manufacturers to gain free consulting from billion dollar staffing firms, manufacturing experts, and marketing agencies.

My technology experience includes:

  • Creating 3 to 5 year business plans,
  • Consistently meeting Service Level Agreements,
  • Managing large ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations, and cloud and onsite server migrations successfully
  • Hiring, managing and training IT teams for my Enterprise level clients,
  • And creating and documenting IT processes for seamless performance for firms including manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing.

My complex problem solving background includes working with EDI billing systems at Timewarner Telecom, implementing a new AXIOM Telecom Billing Solution and Lucents’ monitoring software at First World – Verado, where I was offered 1% profit sharing on new products I developed, and maintained the Lucent billing system BillDats at ICG Communications.

This complex technology experience and time organizing and running high-value peer discussion groups, provides our members and attendees with clarity, solutions, action plans, and results.

Become a more skilled leader by sharing your challenges, and learn lessons from the trenches. Make valuable bonds with your peers.