The CIO Inner Circle Strengthens CIOs In Transition

The CIO Inner Circle not only provides solutions for active CIOs, it also offers opportunities for CIOs In Transition.

If you become unemployed, or nearly unemployed, get listed on the CIOIC website as a CIOIC Board Member.

You'll gain the following:

  • Greater Visibility to Companies and Vendors

This gives you greater visibility and the membership in an influential CIO group. If you're running your own consultancy, membership in the CIOIC shows that you are doing more than working for yourself.

  • Your LinkedIn Profile Listed on the CIOIC Website

As a member of the CIOIC Board, your photo, job title, contact information, and LinkedIn Profile will be listed on the CIOIC website.

This makes it easier for companies and vendors to find you.

  • Consulting Opportunities

As a CIOIC Board Member, you can keep your skills sharp by providing pro bono consulting to companies that may have challenging projects or issues.

  • Your Fees Waived While In Transition

If you are a CIO in Transition, the CIOIC will waive your monthly fees in exchange for your thought leadership and membership on the CIOIC Board.

Increase Your Visibility, Keep Your Skills Sharp, and Open Doors with Other Experts In Your Field.